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Strawser Auction Group
Strawser Auction Group
ver since he began conducting auctions over twenty years ago, Michael G. Strawser has stood committed to delivering services far beyond the norm so that clients could receive results far beyond the expected. Today this commitment stands stronger than ever as the cornerstone of the Strawser Auction Group, one of the most respected auction resources in the Midwest.

Over the years, the Group has organized and conducted virtually every type of auction. Antiques, estates, real estate, collectibles, business liquidations, and everything in between. This diversity has produced a wealth of knowledge not found in any book, but a knowledge that can only be acquired through doing.

The Strawser Auction Group is proud of their reputation and of the respect they have earned in the past. Why not let them earn yours in the future?


200 North Main Street
PO Box 332
Wolcottville, IN 46795-0332
Ph: 260-854-2859
Fax: 260-854-3979

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